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Aside from our selection of European cheese, sausages, cold cuts and grocery items, we are also very passionate about our home-made products!  Enjoy these at your very own homes.

For advance orders, please text or call us at: 0929 - 7113289


Sauces, Dips and Dressings

Pesto Dip – P185 (120g) | P495

Eggplant dip – P120 (120g) |


Passion fruit dressing – P395 (550ml)

Apple vinaigrette – P335 (550ml)

Honey mustard dressing – P395 (550ml)



Apricot Curd P230 (120g)

Passion fruit jam P395 (250g)


Freshly Baked Breads

Focaccia Bread P125

Truffle Bread P250

Spinach loaf P135

Malunggay loaf P135

Wheat bread P125


Krapfen German doughnuts filled with a variety of jams P65/ pc

(available during weekends)



Home-cured salmon gravlax

Fresh green peppercorn P250/ bottle (175g)

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