OUR Food   Philosophy


It is our joy to have been able to welcome and host numerous guests

since we opened our gates back in 2007. 

At our rustic home, we pride ourselves of serving our very own home recipes

using the traditional slow-cooking process. 

Now, we have carried this further by using only quality ingredients

such as meats from grass-fed cows,

locally grown herbs and vegetables and fine-quality ingredients from all over Europe. 

We also bake our own breads and make our own dips and salad dressings

without extenders and emulsifiers,

all of which you can enjoy at the restaurant or

take home from our Deli and enjoy at your own home. 

Furthermore, our fruit juices are made from real fruits and

our iced tea variations are brewed in house.


In short, we only serve what we enjoy in our own home and nothing less. 


Welcome to our home!