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About Us

Behind our Story & Name,

"Chateau Hestia"


Hestia is the goddess of the hearth, daughter of Cronus and Rhea.

She saw to it that the people of Olympus were well-entertained,

well-fed and that the fire of Olympus never died out.

We offer different dishes from our private family collection of heirloom recipes,

which you can pair with carefully-chosen wines

– all in a homey atmosphere –

where you are welcomed with our kind Filipino hospitality.

Inspired by Hestia, godess of home hospitality we strive

to make you feel happily at home. 

Welcome to our home.

Chateau Hestia takes your safety and COVID seriously.
We observe strict measures to comply with COVID Safety Precautions.
We would be happy to attend to your Inquiries and Reservations.
Please send us a text message for Table reservations at our Garden Restaurant.
For our B&B and events, we comply with the real time applicable government directives. 
For your events, we shall be happy to be a part of your milestone events.
Please text, email or message us at
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